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Donona, the original StormAngler mould.

NOW another special date at the Festival of the Sea, this photo shows the original wooden boat from Port Weymss which the Stormcats StormAngler mould was taken from. Also importantly, the Bowmore high school boys took on the task (supervised by Freddie Bell) to restore Donona to her original and a lovely job they have done. Donona has a lovely flared bow and wide stern, StormCats has built 14 of her sister boats which can now be found as far south as Bodmin in Cornwall and as far North as Orkney.

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Custom built for Port Ellen Angling Club

StormCats show off their new boat at the Festival of the sea, she is a lowered StormAngler hull custom built for Port Ellen Angling Club, she has 2 x swivel moulded Angling chairs giving Maximum comfort for the serious anglers, this is completely seperate from the oarsmans seat, even better than that she will be fitted with an electric outboard which will be solar powered. The boat was built using no degradable materials and the buoyancy comes from recycled bottles. SO Port Ellen Angling club are eco friendly and green. Good luck boys from the StormCats Team!

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New Model Tope Hunter

Stormcats Islay have launched two new models of the very succesful Tope Hunter,a 5 and 5.9 NEW model. This ALL NEW model Tope Hunter has clean lines, a full internal moulding which allows a very large front storage locker. All electronics can be flush mounted, dash is wrap around type which has a mounting area for the outboard clocks. There is also a moulded step forward for stepping aboard pontoons or harbours, the stern lockers have been made bigger, this has also made the stern seats bigger than the old shape Tope Hunter.

All in all this is a big step forward in the layout, but the important thing is the Hull shape stays the same, as she has a unique and capable hull which has been well proven from all corners of the Uk.

For a good look at everything these new models have to offer visit our media gallery with the latest images or watch the Tope Hunter slideshow below.

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StormCats June 2011 Newsletter

To view/download the StormCats June 2011 Newsletter click here
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New Stormbreaker 710 to Norway

A new Stormbreaker 710 Sport delivered to new owner in Fedje, Norway. In sea trials off the coast of Norway it exceeded the customers’ expectations! This boat is powered by a 200 HP Evinrude engine and can be fitted with or without a canopy. It's a perfect family boat or for the fishing enthusiast with plenty of deck space.

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New model Tope Hunter 5 Metre

One of our new model 5 metre Tope Hunters was collected at the end of May by new owner, Gordon - seen here cruising off Port Ellen, Islay. Complete with 50HP Tohatsu engine it has a top speed of 28 knots and a level of strength and resilience designed for the unpredictable British weather conditions. This new model is fitted with a full interior moulding which has a few built in features, i.e .the front console has a moulded dashboard for GPS, Sounder and VHF, all of which can be flush mounted, and conceals a large, secure storage area.. The Tope Hunter is not only an economical package to buy and insure but also to run and is a pleasure to drive! The Tope Hunter is available in both 5m and 5.9m lengths.

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First StormCat to Orkney

Our StormAngler - a 5 metre loch or sea boat, was fitted with a central console and 15HP Yamaha engine. Pictured here is her new owner and his dog collecting the boat from our yard in Lagavulin. This boat will be used to collect essential supplies from mainland Orkney. We look forward to photos of the boat operating in its natural conditions!

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StormCats May 2011 Newsletter

To view/download the StormCats May 2011 Newsletter click here
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StormCats February 2011 Newsletter

To view/download the StormCats February 2011 Newsletter click here
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Stormcats Boat News December

This 5.0m StormAngler was handed over to its new owner, Rosalind in autumn this year. Rosalind is looking forward to using it next summer to relax and spin around the Loch Indaal, which is a perfect way to spend a summer evening on Islay.

Stormangler at Port Ellen

“Chuffed” was a 5.0m Tope Hunter custom built for Don Craven who like many before has fallen for the charms of Islay. If you are going to enjoy Islay to the maximum, getting out on the water will let you appreciate what the island has to offer. Equipped with a 50HP Tohatsu engine, VHF and Garmin fish finder it’ll give you a top speed of knots. The excellent deck space makes it ideal as fishing boat both for the serious angler and beginner and for wildlife watching. Stormcats wishes Don the best of luck and enjoy your island hopping.

Tope Hunter "Chuffed"

This Stormbreaker 710 sport is shortly to be delivered to another small island off Norway. Powered by an Evinrude 200 HP engine it has all the features you would expect from our models - Garmin fisher finder, sports spoked steering wheel and railings in 316 stainless steel.

Stormbreaker 710

New orders
Two customers will shortly have new custom made Tope Hunters. One local man ordered a Tope Hunter as soon as he returned to Islay to start a new job. The second new order is for a 5.9 metre Tope Hunter which will be delivered to Norway in the new year. We are working closely with Lars, the customer, who is a keen fisherman used to sub zero temperatures. Pedestals will be fitted which will withstand the constant thawing and freezing temperatures and therefore be able to withstand the local conditions. Watch this space for photographs of our new deliveries in 2011.

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