StormBreaker Island Cruiser

  • Overall length - 23 ft/7.10m
  • Beam - 8.7 ft/2.7m
  • Draft - 0.8 ft/0.3m
  • Freeboard - 2.4 ft/0.72m

Dynamic, streamlined and a superb all round boat, the StormBreaker Island Cruiser is guaranteed to turn heads wherever she goes.

She shares the same hull as the hugely popular StormBreaker, whose hydrodynamic, cathedral design was originally used by American Special forces. StormCats modified the basic shape to create a fast, spacious leisure boat, and the StormBreaker Island Cruiser enhances the package by including luxurious overnight facilities within a dynamic, state of the art wheelhouse. She shares the same reinforced structure as all StormCats boats, making her ideally suited to our unpredictable and often tough weather conditions, while the sleek line and shape of the wheelhouse gives her a strikingly svelte, elegant line.

Guaranteed to turn heads

She has a length of 23 feet and a beam of 8.7 feet. The wheelhouse has full standing head height with two berths, a fold down teak table, fridge, cooker, microwave, toilet and ample storage space. The carpet lined interior, with teak effect decking, is as luxurious as the exterior suggests. Her wide beam gives her a comfortable, spacious cabin alongside a large deck area with seating for four. She cruises at 22 knots, has a top speed of 30 knots, and is powered by a self contained 200hp turbo diesel jet drive which draws only 8 inches of water. The jet drive allows a shallow draft of only 0.8 feet, and the absence of propellers makes the boat environmentally friendly as well as economical to run.

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