• Overall length - 16.5ft/5.0m
  • Beam - 6.ft/1.81m
  • Draft - 1ft/0.3m
  • Freeboard - 2.2ft/0.65m

At StormCats we are continually researching and developing in order to create the most innovative new boat designs. Nevertheless, we also know that there are certain classics which are timeless, and well worth preserving.

The traditional Islay clinker built boat has frequented our shores for centuries and was designed originally as a sail boat, long before the days of outboards. Her intricately constructed hull shape maintained buoyancy, her deep keels prevented drag during side winds, and her high flair and broad shoulder equipped her to cope with challenging North Atlantic swells.

A timeless classic

Now this classic, tried and tested design lives on in the shape of the StormAngler. The mould, which was painstakingly constructed directly from a clinker built boat, has succeeded in beautifully replicating the character and style of the original hull. Add this to the fact that she has been built entirely in GRP fibreglass with our trademark reinforced strength and is rot and maintenance free - the result is outstanding.

Available in a wide range of colours, the StormAngler can comfortably seat up to five people and is easily manageable for a single handed landing. Oars are included in the package and she can be fitted with an outboard of up to 9.9hp. She comes complete with 2 bench seats, ample storage space, fittings in 316 stainless steel, and an optional centre console. She is an ideal family or first time boat – enjoy endless hours of fun or fishing offshore in this safe, sturdy, and stylish boat.

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