MonoStorm Tope Hunter

  • Overall length - 5m (16 ft) or 5.9m (19.5 ft)
  • Beam - 6.8ft/2.03m
  • Draft - 1ft/0.3m
  • Freeboard - 2.6ft/0.8m

Like all StormCats of Islay boats, ‘Tope Hunter’ is structurally geared to our North Atlantic swells and unpredictable British weather conditions. As for the layout however, the inspiration for this model comes partly from a different source – the South African surf boat. The most recent addition to the StormCats team, a Marine Engineer originally from South Africa, has brought extensive experience of boating in both South Africa and Scotland, to help design our first product with this unique blend of influences.

'A 'must try,' exceptional new boat

Tope Hunter’s front console is a typical surf boat feature, which gives a better view of approaching waves and allows maximum control and protection against the elements. The exhilaration of tackling rough swells and the anticipation of surfing the waves safely is therefore heightened, and the deck area, which is self draining, is maximised.

This expansive deck space and dynamic shape states clearly that this is a ‘Big Fish’ boat. She fittingly takes her name from the StormCats Islay Tope Fishing Festival, where experience proved that a good deal of uncluttered space is required, not only for storing, but also to control and unhook a small shark effectively. It is also ideal for rods, creels and potting. The front console has a moulded dashboard for GPS, Sounder and VHF, and conceals a large, secure storage area.

The Tope Hunter eliminates any dilemmas of whether to go for a cuddy or not by offering a removable cuddy, which can be easily attached or detached between the ‘A’ frame and the windscreen. This offers the best of all worlds: as well as offering the luxury of choice depending on the weather, this is light weight and extremely cost effective.

Cost efficiency has been an ongoing consideration throughout the design of this boat. Several other features have been carefully chosen so that the Tope Hunter is not only sturdy, versatile, agile, spacious, and easily manoeuvrable, she is also affordable and economical: While the hull is based on the proven MonoStorm construction, the Tope Hunter comes as a 5m as well as 5.9m boat; spray rail configurations have been altered, meaning she can plane higher and running costs are reduced; the front helm console, two stern seats with buoyancy chambers and outboard well are all part of one complete moulding, which again reduces the overall cost of the boat without diminishing quality or performance.

During sea trials she exceeded all expectations: she planes at just 12 knots, and with two men on board she can reach 28 knots, which is an unusually high speed considering she is fitted with a 40 hp Yamaha. She is a highly economical package to buy, insure, and run, and is an absolute pleasure to drive.

Contact us to arrange a test drive in our demonstrator around the Bay of Lagavulin and beyond. This is a ‘must try,’ exceptional, new boat.

Read the test in the November issue of Boat Fishing Monthly here

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