StormCats boats reach celebrity status!

FREEBIRD OF CADGWITH, one of our TOPE HUNTERS, can be seen being launched from the beach and motoring off in the opening shots of the first episode of a forthcoming TV series based around the fishing village of Cadgwith, South Cornwall. Steve Holyer, skipper of the Freebird of Cadgwith kindly emailed us to let us know of the appearance of his boat at the start of a six x 1 hour series, every week beginning on Wednesday 29th February at 8.00pm on BBC2. Thank you Steve! The series features Monty Halls as he learns how to fish on an inshore fishing boat. Although the series is based on the constraints and pressures facing the inshore fishing fleet, it also shows that in a tight knit community commercial fishing and angling can survive in harmony. For example it features Cadgwith's well known fortnightly single species boat competition where each competition targets a single pre-determined species. The series will show many of the commercial fishermen enjoying taking part in this very competitive event, (and helping to swell the prize money). Cadgwith also hold an annual fishing festival for charity which is for anglers only. Photos of typical catches from Cadgwith can be seen on

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